How long is it since I blogged !!!!

I can’t believe it is so long since I updated this site !
   Isaac , our’new baby’.is now an active 6 month old with a smile that would melt any heart .He is very mobile and loves being on his feet he also  spends a lot of time chattering away to himself.Isaac is a real thumb sucker now and settles himself to sleep cuddling to his face a muslin along with his thumb. As they live only a few minutes walk away we see him often …which makes me realise how much we miss out on Williams’progress…..
   William , 17 month old ,is a very handsome toddler  who seems to grow taller by the week ,he is always happy to stay and play  at our house when they visit and never fusses when left for a few hours in our care .They do visit a lot but being a couple of hours journey away is certainly not local 😦
  Fergus .who will be 4 in September , enjoys life to the full ! After starting pre school at Easter he has grown up into a well balanced little man who loves learning new things .We are often surprised at the questions he asks in his  conversations ,usually at mealtimes when he has a captive audience .An example of a Fergus
question :- one teatime between fork fulls of pasta  Fergus  asks  "Grandma is collaborate a real word " surprised at the correct pronunciation I stall for thinking time and ask where he heard the word.He answers ,"it was on c beebies ,what does it mean ?"so I told him it meant planning and working together ( and then went in search of a dictionary to make sure I had explained it correctly ... I
now keep said dictionary
handy …you may laugh but you try explaining word meanings to a not quite 4 year old .Anyway ,Fergus obviously understood my explanation as a few days later  when I asked what he had been doing at  school he said"I was a good boy grandma,  at hometime I helped  pack all the toys away  and when my teacher asked who had done such a good job I told her that Thomas and James and me had collaborated "…of course I asked what the teacher had said …his reply "nothing  really ,but she smiled and laughed ".
"Why did she laugh grandma,was it funny  ?" now tell me honestly ,could  you keep a straight face …lol
It reminded me of the funny things children said to me when I was working in school and playgroup years ago :-)…I have the  note books somewhere that I kept ,maybe I will get them out for a read next time I need cheering up .
anyway,that’s about it …not a lot after all this time but I will add some photos to the albums …just in case anyone still comes around here .
love and blessings to all who do ,sandra

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8 Responses to How long is it since I blogged !!!!

  1. Unknown says:

    What a joy to see you, Sandra.

  2. Beth says:

    Sandra, is it really you? I am so happy to see a post from you!

  3. nita says:

    hi there, love and blessings to you too. nita.

  4. g says:

    Such beatiful children – and another on the way? Maybe a girl this time??? hugs

  5. Martha says:

    so enjoyed reading this post. 🙂 My little Jodie who turned four just yesterday, frequently surprises me with long complicated words too. 🙂 and yeah, 4 year olds are so fun to be with aren\’t they! :)I had to come by to see how little Fergus is doing. 🙂 and also I had a strange dream, I dreamt you were lost in Malaysia, and decided to throw an evangelistic concert! haha… God bless.

  6. michael says:

    HI Sandra nice to bump into you once again .

  7. Grandma's says:

    Hi Sandra, I\’m sorry it has been so long since I stopped by. Your grandsons are adorable. My grandchildren are keeping me very busy….Hannah is in school full time now, Mattias at 2 1/2 is a handful (he is going through an awful "terrible two" stage, baby Quinn is so sweet (she had a rocky start early on with a collapsed lung back in July) but is now thriving and doing well…those three keep my Jenny very busy. My son\’s little fellow Noah turned one on July 26.All four live in close proximity to me, so I have the pleasure of babysitting as much as I like. I\’m also spending a great deal of time looking after my mother (she is still living independently but I have, as of yet, not been able to convince her to move closer….45 minute drive each way for me and I see her 2 or 3 times a week).Take care, my friend*Hugs and Blessings*

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